Karakoram Maps (K2 to K4)

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A series of 4, 1:200,000, colour, ridge maps covering the Karakorum, with further maps, diagrams and information on the reverse side. Ridges are shown in yellow with passes and peaks their with heights marked. Rivers and glaciers are in blue and roads, tracks and footpaths are distinguished and in black. Villages, campsites, shelters are shown and on the reverse side their is trail information and description of valley bases. K1 for security reasons is unavailable.

Karakoram Maps
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K1  K1 for security reasons is unavailable.
K2 Skardu, Hispar & Biafo
K3   K2, Baltoro, Gasherbrum, Masherbrum,
K4 Siachen, Rimo, Karakoram Pass, Aghi
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Leomann Maps, edited by Louis Baume and Robin Collomb   Size: 56x88, folded to 14x22cm. 1:200,000
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