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  GPS Information for EWP Maps.

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Our maps vary in their usefulness for GPS users. We provide a 0-5 numerical system to give an indication of the GPS friendliness of the map.
GPS=5 indicates a map that can easily be used with a GPS.
Such a map would have lines of latitude and longitude marked at frequent intervals or have an internationally recognised grid system.
The poorest rating is GPS=0. On such a map it would be impossible to locate yourself from a GPS reading and you would have to build a latitude / longitude or other grid for yourself.

Map CodeMap NameGPS RatingComment
KIKilimanjaro3Lat Long 10' intervals
MKMount Kenya4Lat 2' Long 5' intervals
RURwenzori2Non-standard 1x1km grid.
Conversion to UTM/UPS hence lat. long. possible by formula: to Easting in metres (ie 10 fig. Grid Reference) add 807500 to gain UTM/UPS reference; from Northings subtract 31200.
E.g. 8 fig. Grid Ref of Margherita on EWP map is 12257418. This becomes 12250+807500 and 74180-31200 and hence a 12 fig. UTM/UPS reference of: 819750 042980
MEMount Elgon1Non-standard 1x1km grid. Limited Lat Long information.
CCCaucasus Central2Lat Long 30' intervals
CAElbruz1Lat Long 15' intervals on smaller scale map.
CBCaucasus Bashil Bezingi1Lat Long 30' intervals
EBElbrus3Lat 5' intervals Long 10' intervals
Error on main map: for 43°05' read 43°15'
KAKamchatka4Lines of Lat and Long shown
AMAltai Mountains4Lat 20' intervals Long 30' intervals
SA-SKCentral Asia Maps5Lat 20' intervals Long 30' intervals
FMFann Mountains0No information or grid
TSTien Shan2Lat and Long provided, no lines
JAJebel Acacus55' grid.
Error on 1:400,000 map, for 24° read 25°.
HA-HPAtlas Mountains5Lat 5' intervals Long 5' intervals
MOMount Olympos5Lat 2' intervals Long 2' intervals
ALW 16/4/11